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The Shar's Grill Massacre

On the cold gray morning of November 17th, 1983 Dennis "three fingers" Cole walked into Shar's Grill with a twelve gauge shotgun and shouted, "I'm lookin' for the man who stole my girl."

Everyone in the diner, which was packed with the usual breakfast crowd froze. Everyone except old man Freddy Shar who pulled his .357 from under the counter and politely suggested to Dennis that he'd best be on his way. "Folks's tryin' to eat breakfast here". those would prove to be Freddy Shar's last words. Dennis "three fingers" Cole opened fire on Shar and his breakfast crowd until he was empty. Then he calmly walked outside to his pick up truck, reloaded, put the barrel in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

The final body count was six dead, counting Cole and eleven wounded. Pretty much everyone in the diner caught a piece of double o. or two.

When the police arrived, chunks of Old man Shar's brain were still sizzling on the grill. The first words muttered by Sheriff Big Dick Turner upon surveying the carnage, "Kinda ruins yer appetite, don't it?" have become part of the local vernacular now used to describe anything from a bloody car wreck to an ugly woman.

As for Tom Scanlan, "the man who stole Three Fingers' gal", he wasn't even there. He was shacked up at the Pomeroy Motor Inn with Cole's wife Lisa.Shar's Grill

Shar's Grill has been closed now for over seventeen years. Too bad, they had damn good coffee.




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