Killville Massachusetts. A dirty little town nestled between the Berkshire mountains and the mighty Connecticut river that most folks would prefer did not exist. Every spring the flood waters from the melting snow wash the sins from these hills into the muddy water and carry them out to sea. But some sins are just too filthy to wash away.

They gather in brackish pools and fester. They fertilize the land and evil grows. Grows into places like Killville. Angry Johnny and the Killbillies live here. They sing songs about sin and hate and the occasional redemption. Exposing the dark underbelly of americana with a Faulkneresque flare, they paint a Norman Rockwellion nightmare laced with just enough black humor to keep you smiling, and a backwoods beat that'll keep your toes tapping all the way to the Promised Land if you're lucky, and all the way down to Hell if you're not.

Known in these parts as the unsolved-murder capital of New England, Killville is also home to "Stinky" the famous Pond Monster, as well as the world renownedKillville Historical Museum Of The Strange where you can find oddities and freaks of nature galore.

A favorite destination for both leaf peepers and UFOlogists alike, the Great Killville Saucer Crash of 1911 predates Roswell's by 36 years. The wreckage remained where it crashed for the next fifty years until old man Baker got the idea to drag it out to the state highway and build himself a tourist attraction. Killville also has it's fair share of mysterious crop formations, cattle mutilations, lights in the sky and many an unexplained disappearance that have been attributed to alien visitors.

In 1959 with the two nickels he had to rub together and an old Plymouth, Angry's dad George started up the Killville Murder Tours & Taxi Service. There he is pictured on the right with Angry's brother Allan and the wagon. Some folks around here found the whole enterprise in bad taste, still, business was pretty good for a while until the town council shut him down. Something about "trying to change the town's image" or some such nonsense.

Angry and his brother still pull that old Plymouth out of moth balls every once in a while and cruise around the old murder sights just for old time's sake.

Many fringe religious organizations have migrated to Killville over the centuries on account of it's location far off the beaten path and it's sometimes violent distrust of the government (Daniel Shays is from just up the road a piece). Everything from snake worshipers to Satanic cults can be found hiding up in these hills, but by far the strangest of the bunch has gotta be the Possum Handlers. They call themselves The Holy Church of The Tree Rat and when they're not drinking gasoline or eating broken glass, they're swinging rabid possums, Foamers they call 'em, by the tail and speaking in tongues.

Well that's about it. While you're in town you can stop by the the local watering hole Dewey's Bar & Grill for an ice cold PBR and a shot or two of Old Scratch. Or head on over to the Killville Historical Museum Of The Strange. Or y'might wanna take a quick browse through Angry Johnny's art gallery while ya listen to the sweet sounds of the Killbillies on WKIL Radio.