Discovered in the Manhan Bog in 1906 the "Giant of Killville" stands over 8 feet tall. Its origins remain a mystery.

The Nashawannuk Indians spoke of a giant race of "Hairy Man-Beasts" that roamed the western New England forests, perhaps this is one of them.Or maybe it's just a really tall fella that got lost in the swamp.

Noted crypto-zoologist Dr. Peabody Colrain has studied the specimen for years. "Its pelvis does not resemble any known hominid and its brain cavity is abnormally small for a creature of its size. So far all we know for sure about the beast is that it was big and most likely very stupid.

Said to be cursed, bad luck and untimely deaths have plagued its various caretakers over the years.

The museum reacquired him in 1987.

Let's hope his reign of terror is through.