Behold the wonder of Clarence, the mysterious pig boy of Killville, granter of wishes, half boy, half pig, truly an abomination. The hideous bi-product of a secret unholy union. The tragic result of some long forgotten sin.

Discovered years ago in the basement of an abandoned Killville farm house he has since traveled to six continents on his eternal search for redemption.

Clarence, the mysterious pig boy of Killville....home at last.

Hands down the most popular attraction at the museum Clarence is the moral compass of the collection. Looking at his twisted, shriveled form causes one to step back and look at themselves. These are not merely freaks of nature. They are us. And we are them. There but for the grace of God and the disinterest of the Devil go I.....
Clarence, the mysterious pig boy of Killville frozen forever in his grimace of torment. Frozen forever somewhere between Heaven and Hell. Clarence, the poor little pig boy frozen forever. Granting wishes from his lonely little black box.