On October 17th 1979 the Killville Police Department along with State Police and agents of the FBI raided the Pisgah Mountain compound of Jeremiah Corey and his bizarre snake cult. A two year investigation which started with the disappearance of local college student Jennifer Lee led to the uncovering of the worst mass murder in the state's history.
The cult had embarked on a five day killing spree, breaking into houses and murdering thirty two men, women and children in a bloody massacre that made the Manson family look like the Mickey Mouse Club. These killings prompted the raid on the compound but it was too late. Corey was gone and all that was left were a lot of dead coeds.
"We got a mountain full of dead kids," Sheriff Dick Turner stated to the press at the time, "and the one's that ain't dead are all brain-stunk on LSD and who knows what else. It's a goddamn mess." Most of the dead college kids had been shot, execution style in the back of the head, while some had suffered fatal snake bites from an unidentified species of pit viper.
Corey was later apprehended at a Pittsfield road block on route 20, giving up without a fight even though he had vowed to never be taken alive.
As it had done with so many other psychos and continues to do to this day, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts decided that Corey wasn't guilty, just nuts and he was sent to Bridgewater State Hospital For The Criminally Insane. Three years later he walked off of the grounds while on minimum security work detail. His whereabouts remain unknown.
"I should'a put one right in that son'bitch's skull up there on that mountain!" Turner said "Goddamn state ain't got the balls for justice,"
Corey had arrived in the area in the early seventies. In a bar one night he heard a story about a strange half snake half human skeleton on display at the Westhampton Feed Store. The next day he took a little trip and there it was in a dusty display case, The Pisgah Mountain Snake Man. The old timer behind the counter told him stories of a strange snake worshipping cult that had met in the hills back in the nineteenth century, worshipping the remains with strange rituals and even human sacrifices. He wasn't certain how the Feed Store had come into possession of the carcass but he said it had been in the case for as long as he could remember. Apparently a deal of Satanic proportions was struck, because Corey walked out of that feed store with the Snake Man and the deed to Pisgah Mountain.
The "Five College" area proved to be a fertile recruiting ground for his bizarre anti establishment rhetoric and counter culture quasi-religious views. He mixed in some of the local folklore about the original snake cult and it was party time. "Children of privilege make the best disciples" Corey always said "They're arrogant, stupid and spoiled, and the chicks'll do anything to get back at daddy."
Corey's snake cult grew fast, he had all the sex, drugs and money he could want but he wanted something more. Jeremiah Corey wanted blood.
Witnesses claim to have seen some very strange things at Corey's black mass orgies. Some say they saw the snakeman come to life, others swear that Jeremiah Corey could dance in the middle of a bon fire without being burned. Did Jeremiah Corey somehow tap into the long dormant powers hidden inside of that old skeleton or is it just the babbling of a bunch of brain damaged drug addled fools? Perhaps we'll never know. One thing is for certain, whatever went on up on that mountain sure wasn't right. Even today if you venture up Pisgah Mountain the air is dead still and you can listen, but you won't hear a sound, not a bird or chipmunk or even a bug. The place is dead and you can feel the evil seeping into your skin.
The museum recently acquired the snakeman skeleton from a benefactor who purchased it at a police auction in 1993. Hopefully Jeremiah Corey won't be coming back for it.
Below are some photos taken from a camera found at the scene of the mass murder/suicide on Pisgah Mountain.

Jeremiah Corey with serpents walking through fire.

Reported to be an image of the actual snakeman manifested in the flesh at one of the rituals.

Jeremiah Corey