Gene's Girlfriend Sally.

Monkey Face Gene thrilled the locals back around the turn of the century. He was a regular fixture at Dewey's Bar & Grill.

In 1907 Gene was shot dead by his owner Francis Lamonte. A drunken patron was flirting with the barmaid Sally, Gene's girl. Gene's monkey genes got the best of him and he went berserk, teraing off the drunk's right arm at the shoulder before Lamonte fired the fatal slug.

Later Lamonte lamented, "Damn that crazy monkey."

Gene's longtime girlfriend Sally went into seclusion and never dated again, although there where many eager suitors. She died in 1918. Officially the cause of death was listed as influenza but we all know what really killed Sally. A broken heart.


Old Man Dewey Sr purchased the carcass from Lamonte for one hundred dollars and had Gene stuffed. He remained on display in the bar until 1979 when the Killville Board of Health declared him a toxic public health hazzard. He now resides at the museum.

An undated photo of Gene performing with his band.