The Cummington Cannibal "Choppers McGee"

-Choppers' Choppers-

After a fierce bidding war the Killville Historical Museum Of The Strange has acquired a plaster dental impression of infamous western Massachusetts cannibal Charles "Choppers" McGee. The mold was taken on the eve of Choppers' 1893 execution and is believed to be one of only three in existence.
Charles McGee was found guilty of 14 murders that occurred at the end of the nineteenth century. He was the prime suspect in over twenty more, but due to a lack of evidence and a lack of remains, these murder/disappearances remain unsolved
McGee's real teeth along with the rest of him were cremated and carted off to the local pig farm for slop seasoning so these impressions are all that remain of the "Cummington Cannibal".
McGee, a civil war veteran had been a prisoner of war at Andersonville Prison Camp in Georgia where it is estimated that between that nearly 13,000 of the 45,000 men who entered it's gates, died of starvation and disease.

But McGee did not starve. It is thought that this is where he first developed his taste for human flesh out of necessity and most likely it was also the place where he went quite mad.
He came home in 1865 and retired to the family farm in the hills.

He led a hermit-like existence, coming to town occasionally for supplies and no one paid too much attention to him until a gruesome trail of human remains led authorities to his farm in the fall of 1892. The subsequent trial was a sensation, drawing reporters from as far as Europe. McGee was quickly found guilty and sentenced to death. The public understandably wanted swift retribution and the sentence was carried out in due haste. Whatever happened to the twenty other victims and wherever their bodies might lie will never be known. McGee took those secrets to the grave.

-Choppers McGee-

-Andersonville Prison-