Slabs Theilman, mastermind of the infamous Amherst Monkey Museum Heist of '79' is back punchin' the crap out of his splinter bass.

A founding member of Angry Johnny & The Snots (which ultimately would become the Killbillies after a convoluted trail of missteps, twists and turns-including the ill-fated "Craptones", Slabs has played with Angry off and on since about 1983 when they penned the now classic "Sittin On A Brick Wall eatin Pizza". He spent most of the 90's in the swamps of south Florida searching for Spanish treasure and wrasslin' gators (and some say hidin' from the government). but once the extreme "do the dew" crowd got into the gator wrestlin' game the magic was gone. The swamps quickly filled up with ass-wipes saying "DUDE" and high fivin' everything in sight and Slabs knew he had wrassled his last 'el lagarto'.

He eventually migrated back north and hooked back up with the Killbillies a few years back, then disappeared for a bit, did some barbequein', made a fortune in real estate, lost it all on the ponies, and now he's back just in time for Angry Johnny & The Killbillies' resurection from the grave right where he belongs.