1. Longhorn 2. I Met A Girl
3. Need Your Lovin' 4. Wanted You To Know
5. Tell You 'Bout A Girl 6. The Devil's Gotta Hold Of Me
7. Take A Chance On Me 8. Always Falling Down
9. Hopin' You Might 10. Gonna Miss You When You're Gone
11. She Got Things To Do 12. Wish I Could
13. Don't Love Me No More 14. Left Me Here Alone
15. Take My Heart 16. Until The Day I Die
17. Tell Me What I've Gotta Do 18. Fall In Love With Me
19. In A Couple Of Days 20. California 
21.Bones   22.Country Girl




Boy meets girl. Boy falls hard. Girl moves to San Francisco. Boy descends rapidly into a murky reverb drenched Hell.

BONES was recorded back in 1993. At the time there were some late night drunken plans hashed to release it on CHUNK records but that never came to be and eventually BONES was forgotten. After languishing undisturbed for 17 years it was recently discovered during an excavation of a dark, spider infested corner of Angry's hovel. There were about 10 different tapes of crap with different versions of the album. Apparently it had been a work in flux, adapting as the sad story unfolded. The earliest versions were uncharacteristically hopeful, the later versions would probably have to be packed with a complimentary razor blade to end the despair. This final 22 song version lies somewhere in between.

Anyway, it's a mighty fine cd to pop in the car player, take a late night drive and vicariously re-live the misery of an unlucky loser as he tumbles from the top of the world, straight past the bottom and lands with a resounding thud smack in the middle of Angry Johnny's all too familiar Hell.



note-"Tell Me What I've Gotta Do" appeared on an early version of THE HIGHWAY AND THE RAIN